Kiss anxiety goodbye.

The iamhear movement is dedicated to creating programs designed to change people’s lives. Take the quiz below to find out if the programs are right for you.

 ✔️ Daily exercises with step by step video instructions and printable journal

✔️  Private 24hr support group with access to your personal counselor

✔️  Access to a weekly video conference with your private group and counselor

✔️  Convenient, bite-size content delivered in an easy to use app

The “Be Present, Be Aware” Challenge

Are you ready to start taking action? 

My name is Anthony Caputo and I am the founder of “IAmHear”. I have suffered from anxiety for over 30 years, and I could finally find a real and effective way to overcome it. 

Its effectiveness comes from the fact that it’s based on first-hand experience, and not only “textbook” theory. 

To this day, I have helped thousands of people like you do the same. 

But before you make any decisions about joining the program, I encourage you to do your research.

As a recovered anxiety sufferer, I know that finding people you trust to help you is very difficult.

I hope I can be this person for you but you need to decide this for yourself. Come check out the conversation on Facebook.

Now, let me tell you a bit about my story, so you can see how I did it for myself and why it’s so effective…

I've suffered too.​ You're never alone.



Mental health has so much stigma surrounding it. Suicide is at an all-time high and more and more people are suffering from anxiety and depression. But together we can help be the light in the dark for so many people suffering with a very simple concept. BE KIND HAVE AN OPEN MIND.

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From suffering with severe Anxiety and Depression to facing death in the eyes many times, Anthony takes you on a true life journey so unreal you may only see in the movies.

Learn the five easy steps to not only help others overcome anxiety and depression but to live a much fuller life and be able to understand the true meaning of life by opening your mind to a much higher level of awareness.